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Online Worship - Broadway Church of Christ

On-line Worship: You do not have to have a Facebook membership to watch. Our page is public. Go to www.Facebook.com in whatever browser you use. When Facebook comes up, go to “search,” type in “Evangelical United Methodist Church New Holland, Pa.” You will see our page and where the video is posted.

Christmas Eve Service Northern CMG Template | CMG | Church Motion Graphics  | Christmas eve service, Christmas eve, Christmas graphics

Christmas Eve Service – There will be NO in person worship service this year for Christmas Eve.  Please tune into the church’s Facebook page on Thursday, December 24 at 7:00 p.m. for an online Christmas Eve service.  Tell your neighbors, relatives, and friends to watch. A wonderful service is planned.

WORSHIP | First Presbyterian Church, Alma

THIS SUNDAY, December 27, 2020


The message on Sunday is asking the question, “Are you Grateful for a New Year?” Luke17:11-19.  In this passage 10 lepers are healed by Jesus. Nine do not return to say “thank you.” Wow that makes them bad, ungrateful.  No, it doesn’t.  Not at all

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