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Online Worship - Broadway Church of Christ

On-line Worship: You do not have to have a Facebook membership to watch. Our page is public. Go to www.Facebook.com in whatever browser you use. When Facebook comes up, go to “search,” type in “Evangelical United Methodist Church New Holland, Pa.” You will see our page and where the video is posted.

WORSHIP | First Presbyterian Church, Alma

THIS SUNDAY, January 3, 2021


The message this Sunday is asking the question: “Can I sleep with the Light on?” from Isaiah 60. There is a lot of darkness all around us. What will we choose; “Light” or “darkness”?

How to Plan a Memorial Service

Included in this Sunday’s service will be a time of remembrance for those of our church family have gone home to be with their Lord and Savior. We will also be remembering and praying for those who have succumbed to the COVID-19 virus in 2020.

Cora Jean Lowery                Peggy Stohler                       Larry Russel

Ed Howell                             Eleanor Hart                         Polly Baker

Lowell Roth                          Cletus Hurst                         Guy Hull

Ken Ibach

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