About us


Our God-Given Mission is to be a Loving, Welcoming, Serving and Growing Presence in New Holland and Everywhere!



Invite people into the life-changing presence of Jesus Christ; unite them into God’s family; nurture them as disciples of Jesus Christ; prepare and equip them for ministry and mission in the great New Holland area and the world.



  • The Bible is the Inspired Word of the living God.
  • Every member is a minister.
  • Worship is at the heart of all we do.
  • Identify and cultivate spiritual gifts.
  • Tithing is the goal for every believer.
  • New Holland is our first missional priority.
  • Support our missionaries throughout the world.
  • Commitment to represent Jesus Christ in all we do.
  • Faith is to be shared.

Brief History

The Evangelical United Methodist Church is an historic congregation serving the lord and the greater New Holland area since 1858. our church began as a congregation in the united Brethren tradition which merged in 1946 with the Evangelical Church to form the Evangelical United Brethren Church. In 1968 the Evangelical United Brethren Church merged with the Methodist Church to form the denomination knows as the United Methodist Church.

In 1868, the first sanctuary was built at the intersection of Diller Avenue and West Main Street. In 1900 the church edifice was enlarged and then further enlarged in 1922 as the church and community grew. In 1957 as the church family to continued to grow, the education wing of the church campus was built.

In 2001, multiple updates and renovations were made to allow the church to be better prepared to serve our Lord for ministry and mission in the 21st century. An elevator was added to make our facility handicap accessible. Air conditioning and an upgraded heating system were added. New ceilings, wiring and lighting, doors, painting, carpeting and a modern updated kitchen finished the project.